Levitation In Photography

Photography Trick

Yes we can float in the air, believe in yourself and nothing is impossible. No need for Photoshop or any editing tools to do the trick.

Here's How To Do Levitation?
1. Set up your camera on a tripod if you do not have an assistant.
2. Set your camera shutter speed not less than 1/500sec. to free the motion.
3. Set the self-timer if no assistant available. Position your subject in a spacious area for jumping.
4. Jump as high as you can about one second before the camera shutter's fire.
5. Review the captured image, retake the shoot if necessary.

Objects such as broom , pillar , wall , phone booths are of great aid to a better composition .

The subject is about to take off, I use the lowest ISO speed since this is an open field and noon time.
with the use of an object, (the broom). Our subject looks like a wizard.



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