Friday, April 2, 2021

SVD Farm Tagaytay


Newly opened farm in February 2021 just a few days before the declaration of ECQ in NCR+ Bubbles.  The place is located behind the Pink Sisters Convent and there is no entrance fee.  The SVD Farm 5-hectare Agri farm & prayer sanctuary with the purposes: 1. A response to "Laudato si'" by promoting an environment-friendly atmosphere and ecological awareness. 2. To generate income for the seminary. 3. To raise funds for program for the poor/needy.

Celossian Flower Farm


Celossian Flower Farm, Baras, Rizal. 7.1K likes. Entrance Fees: Adult- Php 20.00 Child- Php 10.00

Thursday, December 10, 2020

Masama Ba Ang Pera?


Almost 2300 verses in the bible you can read about money, wealth and possession. Money is biblical it is always mentioned in the bible. There are 39 parables in the bible and 11 of it is about money, wealth and possession.  

We badly need money, we need to buy things, shelter,  food, medicines etc. We cant have it if we dont have money. Money is not bad, but there are times it is, money is not the root of all evils but the love of money is. You will be controlled by money and Satan will use it as an obstacle to keep you away from God.

Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Halamanan Sa Pililla Rizal

Part 1

Part 2


 Big Leaves Decoration Tropical Plants Leaves Wall Stickers Green Plant Wall Sticker Living Room Decoration Art Home Decal

  • Material:PVC
  • Function:Beautify Decoration
  • Category:Wall Stickers
  • Specifications:60* 90 Cm
  • Fabric Main Ingredient Content:100
  • Style:Special Effects Shape
  • Grade:High Class Product
  • Fabric Main Ingredient:PVC
  • Floral:Multi color



Saturday, October 31, 2020