Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Types of Natural Lights

How light is important in photography? Well, photography is all about light, If there is no light, there is no photography.  I have read Anne Mckinnell e-book and according to her there are 8 types of natural lights that can add drama to your photographs. It could be natural or artificial lights.  Discover how light works if you use it as a backlight of your subject, sidelight, frontlight, reflected, diffused, dramatic, twilight, lights for capturing city lights at night. 

Backlights - can create dramatic silhouettes and beautiful rays of light.
sidelights -  contrast is high between light and dark, best to capture during sunrise or sunset.
frontlights - can lessen texture and depth, best for sunset in landscape photography.
reflected lights - reflects the color of the surface, bounced light best for water reflections.
diffused lights - best for close up and portrait photography. Harsh shadow is minimize.
dramatic lights - best example for this is lightning.
twilight - pink and orange hues dominate the sky.
night - best for light painting.

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