Focal Point: Focus On The Eyes

It’s all about the eyes.

In photographing people, animals, and every creatures that has eyes should always pay attention to get the eyes in focus. To get both eyes sharp, position it on the same plane, the same distance to the camera. The windows of our soul are the eyes which truly connects our emotions to the subject. This is where we want our subjects to glance. What if the person is positioned at an angle, it is best to focus on the eye that is nearest to the camera.

 Focus on the eyes
If you are going to use a shallow depth of field (large number of aperture F1.2 to F2.8) for people and animals, focusing on the eyes is incredibly important it depicts the personality, the mood and the behavior of the subject. I find best results in focusing at about f3 or f4 since the eyes and nose is not in the same plane the tendency of blurry nose is high if taken at the widest aperture.
There are times the eyes are not sharp. We can do a little cheat by sharpening in Photoshop by using filters like unsharp mask, smart sharpen or High pass. The three filters are very powerful to sharpen every pixel the photograph has.
You can ALWAYS use the single focal point just focus on the eyes and then recompose. Do not lean forward or backward you are changing the distance and can affect the focal point.



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