Better Portraits

Points To Remember in Portraiture

 1. Get closer to the subject: It gives a feeling of intimacy, you do not have to worry about distractions of the background.

Closer to the subject

2. Focus on the eyes: The eyes are the mirror of the soul. The first thing that the audience will look at is the eye. Always get in focus.

Focus on the eye and catchlights
3. Catchlights: Catchlights are little reflections of light that adds depth, dimensions and making the subjects' eyes seem more alive. Reflectors, soft boxes, sun lights and fill flash can add catchlights in your subjects' eyes.

4. Play with eye contact: Looking off Camera, subject looking outside of the frame can create a feeling of intrigue and candidness, while subjects looking within a frame you create another point of interest and relationship to the main subject.
looking within the frame

looking off camera

5. Shoot candidly : Shoot your subject without getting their attention . Some people look good and feel ease when they photograph candidly . I always find this particularly helpful in photographing children .

6. Include Prop: A prop can create another point of interest. In drawing a composition, remove unnecessary objects and add props related to the story you want to compose.

7. Always watch your background: Move your subject and place them in front of plain white or colored wall instead of a messy kitchen of any busy background.  Use wide aperture to blur the background.

8. Interact: Talk to the model, listen, respect and get their trust.



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