Marine-Themed Park


I have visited this park thrice already and it is worth staying there for family bonding. By the way Manila Ocean Park is located behind the Quirino Grandstand at Rizal Park, Philippines. If you're in Metro Manila just take a cab and you will never get lost.

So what is inside the park? The main ATTRACTIONS:

OCEANARIUM -Underwater viewing of different kinds of marine creatures. Around 300 species from Philippines and its neighboring countries. This is the main attraction of the park.
MARINE LIFE SHOW - meet and greet the 6 sea lions, you will be entertained.
JELLIES, DANCING SEA FAIRIES - I was so impressed with the jellies dancing gracefully with the melodies.
AQUANAUT VOYAGE - close up encounter with the fishes with the use of diving system helmet.
GLASS BOTTOM BOATRIDE - Bird's eye view as what photographers called it. Viewing fishes from the glass bottom of the boat, no need to dive to interact.
FISH SPA - set an appointment with the doctorfish for derma cleaning and treatment. Submerging both feet and hands the doctor fish will cautiously bite and take away your dead skin.
SWIMMING and FUN - Get refreshed, admission is 200pesos per head.
MUSICAL FOUNTAIN SHOW - Performed during nighttime, They use variety of lights to produce an awesome performance, so amazing..
Wait, there's more...

Manila Ocean Park is not all about Marine Life . They also have malls , restaurants , pools , hotels , bars and fun rides . The management insure their vacationist , spectators , guests and travelers will surely made there day .

Some Featured Species:

Bookings and Reservations:

567-7777 loc. 118, 119 & 123



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